About Us

​ In this journey from the past towards a new cultural progress, we are committed to promoting creativity and innovation, to respecting traditions and safeguarding the heritage.

The Room Concept was founded in 2019 by Interior Designer Catarina Gabriel. Her passion for traveling, experiencing different cultures and hunting treasures in each of them led her to start this journey through beautifully manufactured pieces that carry all the cultural heritage with them.

From day one, the brand has collaborated with multicultural artisans and manufacturers around the world and have continued to live and work closely with their local community ever since.

At the heart of The Room Concept are thoughtfully produced pieces that evoke a sense of life lived at home. The realities and rituals we endure everyday, and how they are related to us changing the way we feel and show ourselves to others. 

We invite you to join us to this mindful and meaningful experience while we look towards our path of continuous growth and innovation, always honoring our raison d’etre.

Our Founder

Catarina started her career as Interior Designer right after her studies at KLC school of design in London. In the first years of her career, she was essentially inspired by her mentor Vera Iachia, an experience that led her to develop her passion for artisans and continue developing immense projects.

She loves to spend hours picking the perfect print, the most exquisite vintage textiles and the one of a kind green pottery. Her style is a unique mix between the eclectic, the contemporary with a refined taste, embodying his signature and seal in each project. 

Either she’s working on a project, or hunting treasures at some local market, or working hand in hand with suppliers, what is certain is that is constantly creating, inspiring and being inspired!

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